Sunday, 15 April 2007

Johnston. Dead?

Three hours ago the Jerusalem Post reported that a previously unknown Palestinian organisation identified with al-Qaeda has claimed that it has killed missing BBC reporter in the Gaza Strip, Alan Johnston.

The Palestinian Interior Ministry said it was checking the report but raised doubts as to its credibility. According to the ministry, recent information suggests that Johnston, who was kidnapped a month ago, is alive and well.

In the last month there have been protests, petitions, poster campaigns, personal pleas from Johnston's family, demands from the BBC and the chief of the UN urging for the release of the war correspondent.
For the first time in media history, three channels simulcast. The BBC, al-Jazeera, and Sky News all broadcast a special live programme on the dangers facing journalists in Gaza.

The world is calling for his safe return home but this latest news could be the beginning of the end.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this Sunday update Katriona. Very worrying news.It is unbelievable that this well known and respected journalist, only days away from leave after three years 'on the spot' reporting (nobody else did that for us in that terrifying place) was just taken off the street. I will pray for him and for his mum and his dad and his sister. It seems to me that being a journalist is/was this mans life. How much we need honest and brave people like this in a cynical and selfish world.

Anonymous said...

I second that.I watched the BBC TV news just now and there still seems to be hope.

Anonymous said...

If anybody hears anything else please post it. We are all rooting for the guy